About us

Never endless summer

What better season than summer for the launch of Saretta Swim’s first bikini and swimsuit collection. Dance to the rhythm of the sun and the waves with each one of our designs that will highlight the femininity and elegance in you.

For women who like to dress elegant and feminine

In this first collection, we focus on the woman who wants to continue to look feminine in a swimsuit without losing the elegance and comfort of her chosen design.

You are probably asking yourself In what way? Many women believe that the swimsuit of their dreams is the one that is in trend and not the one that fits better to their body. That is why before making a purchase we advise you to choose a unique model that enhances the qualities of your body.

What do we want to achieve over time?

We want our clients acquire a swimsuit that highlights personality, prestige and elegance. This can only be achieved with different designs to those offered by the market and with a strong and resistant material that will give that final touch of prestige to the garment.

We want you to be part of the Sarettaswim family and that each one of your friends and relatives will look like one of our designs. Choose one of our pieces and combine the beauty of the colors and prints with a feminine and elegant figure.

We work with 100% fabrics made in spain

The swimsuits you will see in this first collection are loaded with earthy colors, and very special fabrics that will make you look unique and special. Don’t worry if you are tall, short, thin or with voluptuous shapes, at Saretta Swim we have the right swimsuit for you.

Each one of the pieces made has a high quality that guarantees to be lasting in the time. We work with 100% made in spain fabric as well as its creation and confection.

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